Fred Bird Photography has the capability to produce both vertical and oblique aerial photographs. One of the most effective exhibits, in vehicle/industrial accidents or zoning problems, is the vertical aerial photograph made to *Scale. A vertical aerial photograph is more easily understood than a line drawing.

In my system, I use a specially designed camera and a small helicopter without any special installation. This system enables me to quote attractive prices because I do not have the large investment represented by a mapping aircraft. It is quite practical to undertake assignments anywhere.

*Scales are established by relating to accurately measured distances on the ground. Accident reconstruction experts or surveyors can make the ground measurements, or we can furnish that service.

  • Oblique and scaled verticals
  • Pre planning photographs
  • Flood/fire/freeze damage
  • Construction progression photographs
  • Zoning, planning, wet land, permit applications
  • Assist in showing exact locations of one object or location as it relates to another
  • Construction damage