Fred Bird Photography
Ellington, CT 06029

1. Main objective of piece. List three (or more) SPECIFIC things that you want the piece to do.

2. Have you interviewed or hired a designer/printer/ web page designer?

3. What are the particular applications for this piece?

Brochure - Magazine - Newspaper - Web Page – Other ___________.

4. How do you intent to distribute it? _____________________________

a. What are postal rates as related to size? ______________________
b. What are Web Page requirements? _______________________________

5. Will this be used alone or in combination with other pieces?

6. Will this piece be replaced periodically with updated material?

Quantity needed? _______________ What format? __________________

7. Photographs needed? ________

Why? - Would a sketch or illustration be better? _____________
B&W or color? _____________________
Transparency, negatives or digital? __________________

8. How will piece be reproduced? ______ Type of printing process.

9. What is budget? _____________

10. What type copy to go with photography? _________________________

11. Who will write copy? __________________________________________

12. Who is/are person(s) who will give final approval? ____________

13. Who is designated coordinator? ________________________________

14. Have you developed a list of needed photographs? _______

15. What is time frame for production? _____________

16. If you have competitors, have you seen their promotional material?

17. What are your ideas on how the piece should look?

18. Will any digital enhancement or manipulation be needed?

19. What safety requirements are required by your company and should they be shown in the images?

What OSHA requirements are involved with our product? All OSHA requirements should be reviewed and someone needs to check all ideas to be sure that all safety requirements are covered.

20. Who will be responsible for obtaining all model release signatures?

21. Do you require a bid or an estimate?