Individual and Family Groups.

Fred Bird Photography offers studio and outdoor environmental settings.  There is NO CHARGE for planning the photographic session.  During the planning, we will discuss your ideas and what style of photographs you are looking for.  Twenty five (25) to thirty (30) images are taken and two (2) clothing changes may be made.

Multi-Family Groups (Groups of ten (10) people - Special Designer Sittings.

With multi family groups, images are taken of the entire group.  Once this is completed, images are then taken of each family sub-group.  With Special Designer Sittings, specific moods, set design and location can be created.

Large Family Reunions - Corporate/Company Groups.

A large amount of pre-planning is needed with this type of assignment.  A cost estimate can only be given after all aspects of the assignment are discussed.

There is a location fee for any assignment away from the studio.